JAKQ Dengekitai 1-35 + vs. Goranger Movie batch released!

Ohai! Here’s your follow up post about the batch release for JAKQ. There are some edits, but they are very minor. You can decide whether you want to re-download them when you open your torrent client by checking or unchecking each episode.

1-8: Song lyric edits. In the closing song, “atomic” has been changed to “nuclear”. Generally in the show, “kaku (核)” refers to “nuclear”, where “genshi (原子)” refers to “atomic”, even though they’re really the same thing.

1-12: Song lyric edits. In the opening song romaji, “Spade (スペード)” has been changed to “Supeedo” and not “Supeido”.

That’s pretty much it. Minor, I know. I really should proofread the song lyrics better before I start, ugh. Sorry.

Read on for info about my next project!

I really enjoyed subbing a super sentai series (fun with subtitle colors!), so I’m going to continue with another one. Actually, my next 2-3 series will most likely be super sentai (GIANT HINT).

I know I said I wouldn’t do a show that another group has done, but… I’ve wanted to do this show for a long time. Also, it’s like the only one left that hasn’t been fully subbed.

Spandex on! Shut goggle!

It’s Choushinsei Flashman, the 1986 super sentai series, translated as Supernova Flashman!

I mean no disrespect to Grown Ups in Spandex whatsoever. They’ve done so much for the tokusatsu community over the years, and they were one of the first groups to sub super sentai at all, especially classic series. Much, much respect for them.

I understand that life gets in the way of subbing. It takes a LOT of time, especially if you’re waiting on other people to finish their job before you can start yours. However, they announced the project in 2015 and have only released 12 episodes and the movie.

I will be starting the series from episode 1 and releasing in batches of 10 episodes for a total of 50. The movie will come with the first batch, as it was released along with episode 3.

Stay tuned for 80’s super sentai goodness! And enjoy JAKQ!

44 thoughts on “JAKQ Dengekitai 1-35 + vs. Goranger Movie batch released!

  1. I’m surprised that you’re doing the Squadron of my birth year after JAKQ, although it’s probably because it’s licensed for English subs and it would be very baka for anyone to release a English sub for a licensed series. Some I find surprising in terms of licensed subs is that Toel didn’t banned Shout! Factory from selling more Super Sentai DVDs or at least fined them for what they did for the Orangers release. On a side note that comes with a big spoiler alert,

    was it explained in the versus movie how Iron Claw survived his apparent death besides from us assuming what really happened to him after the series’ ending?


      1. OK, so all we have to go off of are basely fan theories for how Iron Claw survived? I got two theories for how Iron Claw survived the ending to the series. Theory 1: the Iron Claw fought in JAKQ episode 35 was actually a clone of Iron Claw that was made to keep JAKQ off his back until he was ready to put the his plan from the versus movie into action. Theory 2: The finisher attack that JAKQ used (that I’m call the “JAKQ hurricane”) on Iron Claw only destroyed one of his 2 forms


    1. I just realized after uploading my comment that I said “you’re doing” when I should have put “you’re not doing” the quote that Iron Claw said that best fits how I fell about my mistake assuming the 1st word is translated as “I” is “Ore ga baka!”


  2. It’s nice to now know that J.A.K.Q is fully subbed. I can’t wait to get around too watching it. I was expecting Goggle Five to be the next Super Sentai series, but Flashman has been a Sentai series I’ve always wanted to watch in it’s entirety as well. I can’t wait for future Super Sentai releases. 🙂

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  3. Thanks, you are the BEST (I bet you already know this).
    PS – As much as I happy to you subbing Flashman, why not Changeman first ? Cause GUIS subbed a few episodes of it too or are you plannimg to sub it ???


      1. it better that changeman sub should do the same on this metallicsubs with flashman sub as well together. because dead fish subs missing one episode and grown ups in spandex aren’t going to finished all the series.


  4. According to this https://tokusubs.fandom.com/wiki/Tokusubs_Wiki
    What sentai is “left” is the following:

    Dai Sentai Goggle-V <- Apparently this was only ever scrubbed from the Portuguese dub and never actually had a full sub. If someone has done an actual translation, then the wiki needs updating.
    Kagaku Sentai Dynaman <- In progress by MillionFold Curiosity
    Dengeki Sentai Changeman <- Mostly a mix of of G.U.I.S., DeadFishFansubs, and TV-Nihon. Technically "done" in the same since that Metalder was also done with a hodgepodge of random group/hk subs before Metallic did a full proper sub.
    Choushinsei Flashman <- We are here now.
    Kousoku Sentai Turboranger <- Apparently in progress from three separate groups (Wandering Moonbeams, Love & Care, and KuyZTOKU), but none have finished yet.


    1. Wandering Moonbeams is active with Turboranger. They put out a batch of episodes back at the end of May, so I expect they will finish it.


  5. Glad to see you’re doing Flashman next. It’s one of my favs after Goggle-V and I hope to be able to go back and watch a proper sub of Goggle-V one day, but for now I’ll enjoy JAKQ and then Flashman once it’s finished. Been enjoying Jirayia at the moment. Nice catchy theme song that gets stuck in your head.

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  6. >Flashman



  7. You’re freakin’ amazing! Not only have you helped out with Battle Fever J and Denziman, but now you’ve single-handedly finished one of the earliest Sentai series that’s been sorely lacking in attention. I’m also screaming that you’re gonna do Flashman next as I’m super excited to see it completed!

    Got my fingers crossed that you might circle back around to Turboranger after Flashman as it’s in a similar situation of having 7 episodes subbed and the last release being literally two years ago. With those done we’d just be waiting on Million Fold to release Dynaman (they posted in February that they had all but the final episode translated and timed) to have available fansubs for every single Sentai series.

    Basically, you’re a freaking hero, and you’ve done some amazing things for the community, with more ahead it seems. Thank you so much for all that you do!


      1. I just saw that from another comment this morning. Cursory searches tend to bring up LoveXCare that seems to be just dead in general. I bookmarked Wandering Moonbeams and I’m watching them eagerly since it seems like they started slow, but they’ve been releasing pretty regularly now, so I’m stoked.

        Basically now I’m just waiting on them to finish Turboranger, with Metallic doing Flashman (and let’s be real, he releases faster than should be humanly possible) and waiting patiently for Million Fold to finish that last Dynaman episode and release it. We’re on the cusp of having every single sentai series subtitled. That’s *huge*, and I’m excited to be here to see it developing.


  8. Please do Ninja Captor! Let’s get the vintage stuff done first! Would be amazing because not only are you a great subber, you move extremely fast. It’s drives me crazy how long some subbers take. Years. I wish someone would finish Akumaizer 3 and Robot Detective! Anyway, THANKS for getting J.A.K.Q out to us!


  9. Thank you for doing JAKQ. That’s one more series not unsubbed and has the four formative ones all subbed (I considered Denziman the closest to what we’d get over the years with the 1st three contributing).

    Also, you’re not doing wrong doing Flashman. I think all’s fair in subs because I know some series have several subs. Just be respectful of others and I think you’re good.

    Thank you for all your work and keep it up 🙂


  10. I have a question: Did the people working on JAKQ intended for Shine to be Iron Claw’s boss from episode 01 or was Shine being revealed as Iron Claw’s boss actually a attempt at making the show more light-heart? Also, is it Just me or did the robot that Shine sent to keep a eye on Iron Claw during the two-part finale was an idiot for sending the Devil Sharks at the Sky Ace during part one of that finale?


  11. Flashman next? That’s a great choice. I’ve always wanted to watch Flashman. If this show is as good as Hirohisa Soda’s other shows from Bioman till Liveman, then it will be a great sentai show. Thanks for subbing JAKQ and thanks for subbing Flashman next. You have done so much for us non-japanese speaking toku fand.


  12. Congratulations for the magnificent conclusion of JAQK please in the future could you translate fiveman and dynaman?

    thank you


  13. Sorry for asking 2 questions that needs spoiler alerts.

    Did Akarenger/Akaranger actually confused the Gorenger Hurricane with the Gorenger Strom? How did Akaranger confused the two attacks if he actually did confused them?


      1. So basely the error that I spot, which I’m assuming is caused by Toei ether being too lazy to check that the two sound bites that were used didn’t changed attack names or Toei not having enough time to check, can only be fixed by some other fansub group making a translation error on purpose, which is a practice that I don’t would be good to use often if I’m correct.


  14. This isn’t a request for you, Sir. This is just a curious question, since I don’t know of any place to post my (fansub-related) thoughts.

    So, yeah. I’m just a bit curious…

    Why hasn’t any toku fansub group sub Ninja Captor yet? I’m just curious…


  15. Man, I can`t wait for Flashman to be subbed! I really want to watch Flashman! It seems like a lovely series. Even though I`m an Australian. I just love Super Sentai so much. I`m so excited for this!


    1. Also, I`m waiting for Wandering Moonbeams to complete subs of Turboranger & MillionFold Curiosity to complete subs of Dynaman. This is going to be awesome!


  16. THANK YOU. I have been wanting to watch JAKQ ever since I first watched Gokaiger. For some reason I just really became interested in that season based on the suits & attacks shown in Gokaiger. And for the longest time no one had done it, except one group that started and fizzled. So thank you thank you THANK YOU, I’m so happy that this is now subbed and as soon as I finish pushing my way through Kamen Rider Hibiki, this will be up next!


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